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01 Feb 2019



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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 31 Jul 2012

The information provided by logs can be very useful, especially in certain fields of expertise. Almost any action, from changing a setting to running an application is logged by the operating system. Unfortunately, the system does not provide any useful features to use with its logs. Most of the time, you have to find them yourself and scroll through them until you find the information you need. If you want to use your logs in a smart and efficient manner, LogMeister can help you. It is capable of monitoring the logs that are created on your computer or those from other machines, on your local network. It lets you set up alarms and automated actions, export and archive logs and much more.

The setup file is not large and it will install the application's components in no time. During the setup process, you can choose to install an additional service, which allows gathering data even when no one is logged on. The software is compatible with most Windows platforms and it does not require high end hardware.

LogMeister can monitor numerous log types simultaneously. They are listed on the left side of the interface, where you can organize them into separate groups. New log feeds are added with the aid of a wizard. You can choose various feeds, like Windows event logs, text logs, site watch feeds, RSS Internet feeds, firewall or XML logs.

Depending on your initial selection, the wizard will guide you through different stages, with different options. For example, if you opt for Windows event logs, you will be presented with a huge number of log types, including security logs, application logs, analytic, setup and many more. You can select one or more log types and set the program to monitor the logs on your computer or the ones from other computers from your network.

The settings you make during the wizard's steps can be changed at any time, by accessing a feed's properties. LogMeister allows you to create and manage alerts as well. This is done with the help of another wizard. During its steps, you will have to define various notification criteria. The number of settings you will have to go through is quite large, but most of them are optional. If the software detects a number of entries that match with your rules, it can notify with a taskbar popup, by email or it can play sounds, execute actions or run a program of your choosing.


The software can monitor any type of log on your computer. It lets you manage them into groups and set up alarms, by using a wide range of rules and settings. Besides monitoring the logs on your own computer, LogMeister can monitor the logs from other machines, over a network and you only need to install it once, on your computer.


The program's numerous settings can intimidate inexperienced users. LogMeister allows you to keep track of any log types, regardless if they are created on your computer or somewhere on your local network.



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